Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Importance of Property Owners Voting

When our founding fathers set up the constitution, they knew exactly what they were doing.  They were setting up a system of government with checks and balances, knowing that this had to be done, as one side would want more power than the others.  Thus, they made a way that government could be kept in check and unable to gain too much power over the people, thus giving the people liberty.
Sadly, much of this liberty was lost over the years, as following generations of politicians misunderstood the founding father's intentions.  And probably one of the worst things that ever happened to America was the horrible changes to the voting laws.
In the Constitution only PROPERTY OWNERS were allowed to vote.  This is important, as they actually had a stake in the country.  THEY were the ones who were true AMERICANS.  They owned part of America through the owning of land.
It's like a modern day company with shareholders.  Those who own shares have a right to vote.  And their vote should be heard.  However, who in their right mind would allow outsiders who own NO SHARES to vote for what's best for the company.  That just doesn't make sense, does it?
But this is what has happened in America today.  We find that the right to vote has been changed from just the shareholders, or the land owners, to anyone who is born in America, or who comes here legally and becomes a citizen.  That means that now instead of people voting who have a stake in the country, you have people voting who don't own any land, and they only vote based upon their opinions, their ideals, their feelings, or their party, rather than voting on what's best for them and their own property.
We see as the voting laws were changed in America that voting wasn't only for what was best for the landowner and the country, but rather voting became what was best for the personal voter him or herself.
In other words, when the country was set up, only landowners could vote, and they voted based upon what was best for each other's land.  They wanted freedom to do what they please on their own property.  But as more and more people who were unable to buy and secure land were given the vote, we see a massive change from that of those voting who had a share in the country to those who had no share in the nation.  And we find many non-landowners voting only for what was best for THEM, not what was best for their neighbor.  This meant that all a politician had to do was promise them something, and if they were to vote for him or her then the politician would pass laws to help them. 
What happened next is the history of welfare, as more and more politicians promised something for nothing to non-landowners.  And to pay for it, the landowners were taxed the more in order to give to those who had not.  Redistribution of wealth ensued with the government paying God, and trying to decided who deserved what, taking more from the landowners, and giving it to those who did not own land.
Can you imagine a system like this?  Imagine the example of the company I gave above.  And imagine a company telling its shareholders, "We are going to give the right to vote to all the customers of this company."  And then whenever there is a vote, the customers vote to give themselves more stuff for free.  Who pays for it?  The company, and the shareholders, who eventually find their shares are almost worthless, because the company is no longer making a profit!  So what do they do?  They become angry and sell their shares to anyone who will buy them, and the company eventually fails because of it, and the company and the shareholders have no say on how to run the company and make it prosper.
This is EXACTLY what's happening in America today.  Those who own property are taxed to death and looked at as the bad guys, while those without are given the right to vote, and they vote to give themselves even more.  How can this not eventually bankrupt the whole system?  And who in their right mind would believe that the landowners would sit idly by and take it without trying to do something about it, either selling their land and getting away from such a corrupt system, or trying to change the system in order to be allowed the freedom they once enjoyed to run their land as they saw fit.
In America, we now see that there are many landowners who are failing.  But the very rich ones have figured out ways to buddy up to the government and get special favors so they don't lose their land.  It's like this, and one again I'll use the illustration of a modern-day company.
The company is going bankrupt, and the share-holders are angry that non-shareholders are voting to get freebies from the company.  So in order to keep the company afloat that they love so much, they see the only way is to become the head CEO of the company, so they seek power and then give special favors to the other share-holders, even though the voting customers are against it.  The shareholders then make secret deals to make sure their shares stay high, and they are viewed as a thriving company, even though they are on the verge of bankrupcy.  And the shareholders chose "lobbyists" to lobby the CEO for even more special favors.
What happens?  The CEOs resign, because they can't keep the whole fiasco afloat.  The shareholders loose everything.  And the voting customers get angry and blame the company and the shareholders, claiming it's all their fault.  War ensues, and the company is destroyed all together.
Do you see the correlation with what is happening in America?  How unfair it truly is to allow people to vote who don't even have a share in the nation!  Why allow them to vote when they don't even have any property, or any stake in the American company?
If they try to undermine the property owner's rights to own property and enjoy what they have, then don't they cut their own throats when they obtain property themselves?  Why can't we all be happy owning property.  Wasn't that once the American Dream?
It used to be you could work hard in America, save up, and eventually buy your own land and home.  Now, those days are almost gone.  It's because non-shareholders are cornering the market on the vote and are only voting for what's best for themselves, and not what's best for others.  They can't see that they are destroying what they could also enjoy if they would just work hard to accomplish.
I'll close with this.  Just imagine if you will the company and the shareholders holding the vote themselves.  They would vote for what was best for the company and what was best for the shareholders.  They would want profit for all and each other.  As the company grows, they would then sell more shares, and more people would be shareholders.  As the number of shareholders grows so do the number of votes.  And each one would then vote for more prosperity for themselves and the country.  They would want freedom to hold on to their own lands, and not give it away to others who didn't work for it or buy it with their own hard earned money.   They would vote not to get in debt.  They would vote to make sure the company doesn't spend more than it has.  And they would vote that the company do more, spread more, and do more business, open more offices, and sell more product.  They would all prosper, as they all did what was BEST FOR THE COMPANY and the PEOPLE of that company (the shareholders).

If only people who understand this model would look at America the same way.  How could you ever give the right to vote to those who don't understand how business works?  And how could you let them vote if they don't have a stake in the endeavour?  It just doesn't make sense.

Truly, the founding fathers knew the importance of giving the vote only to PROPERTY OWNERS, rather than to all citizens.  If only America could go back to the simple and important ideal.