Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Those Who Liberal Leftists Always Desire to Attack

It's amazing to me to see that people just don't think anymore.  Maybe it's because they are enslaved to the rat race created from the bad economy in which they have to work so much that they barely have any time left to rest, much less just stop and mull things over.  Or perhaps they haven't been taught to think because they went to the secular government run schools in America which do a terrible job of educating them.  (Rather they endoctrinate them).  Whatever the reason, people today just don't THINK!  For if they did, they couldn't help but see the two very different political groups in the United States, and what they believe and what they are trying to do to the American people. 
I like to think.  Sometimes, I might think a little too much, for I often find myself in a pensative state, reasoning within myself of the things I see around, especially politics.  I actually enjoy sitting down and just musing certain things over.  And I enjoy the etymology of words.  Words have meanings!  Yet, it's so strange that people don't even think about what the words they use everyday mean.
For example, there are those in our country who call themselves "Conservatives."  What do they want?  They desire to conserve things.  That is, they want to hold on to what they have rather than give it to a corrupt government so it can redistribute it to others. 
These Conservatives are often referred to as "The Right."  And isn't "right" the same as "correct?"  When something's right it's true because it's correct.   So why is it that so many today (especially in the media) are so against "The Right?"  (Hatred towards the right is easily seen and growing by leaps and bounds.  Everywhere you look people make fun of Conservatives and those on the right.  Why is this?)
So who is the other group who opposses "The Right?"  They are often referred to as the "Left."  Who are the left?  Well, left is the opposite of right, and if right also means correct, then that must mean the left must be wrong!  (I mean, that just makes sense, doesn't it?)
And when we think of the political left throughout the world, we are constantly bombarded with stories of certain "Leftist" groups who are instigating political upheavels and even bloody revolutions in third world countries.  Often these "leftists" are nothing more than "Marxists" and "Socialists" who are trying to take over a country and destroy its constitution in favor of a less favorable form of government. 
So who are the leftists in America?  Usually they are called the "Liberals." And most often they are those in power who are pro-Socialist and pro-Communist.  They are the exact opposite of the Conservatives.  And being liberal they love to spend money, especially that of others, which they often do by raising taxes. (They love getting more money to spend.  They are nothing more than spendthrifts who love to give liberally to their constituents, hence the label "Liberals."  This helps them buy the vote, for the more they spend on others, the more those who receive want more, making them very apt to vote for even more handouts).
So as we look at the political speech of today, it's hard to miss, (that even by the definiton of the words themselves), there are two distinct and opposite sides.  The good guys, if you will, are the Conservatives who are on the Right (or in the right, however you want to say it), and the bad guys are the liberal Leftists who want to tax everybody and then spend their money as quickly as possible, with the intention of destroying the whole political system so they can set up their own form of government which gives them more power and less accountability.
With this stated, I'm watching the current political system unfold in the United States of America, and I'm seeing that it's not only a battle of of right verses left (or right vs wrong, however you want to say it), rather it's a battle of good vs evil.   More clearly explained, it's a battle of those on the Left wanting to gain more power while constantly denegrating those on the right, ridiculing them, and often demonizing them.  The Left is vicious and will use anything within their means to slander, discredit, or invalidate the Right.  (Is it because deep down they know they are wrong? That's the only thing I can figure.  For they often are the ones using evil tactics on others!)
How does the Left operate?  That's easy.  It's so clear that anyone who watches politics can see their S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure).  Instead of dealing with the truth the Left simply ATTACKS others.  And it does so mercilessly.  Rather than defend their position, they relish the opportunity only to attack others personally and make them defend themselves and their positions.  In other words, they do nothing.  They go out of their way to ignore the true issues and make up false accusations that their opponents must then devote their time to defending. (Which keeps them from speaking about the issue and showing the truth about it).  And, by so doing, the left get the attention off of who and what they are and on to others and who they proclaim them to bo. 
A prime example of this Leftist tactic is our current Leftist President, a man with no political experience, and no record of truly helping others.  Before being President, he was a "Community Organizer."  What does that even mean?  According to the meaning of the word, he tried to organize his community.  How did he do it?  And what exactly did he organize them for?  As we study his life, we find that he sought to get people active in the political process.  But who and how and why?
If you study the people he is organizing, you find that he was active in building a leftist army using communistic ideals to do so, with the intention of using their influence to intimidate others into submission to his Leftist ideals.  With groups like SEIU and the OCCUPY movements, the Left has tried to make us think that America no longer wants Conservative values, rather Socialist venues and Communistic governance.  Yet when you study those groups, you find the typical member doesn't even know what he or she believes!  (Most of them were just paid a check to stand out on the street corner and chant while they hold a sign.) 
It's all smoke and mirrors used by the left to make you think that there really are people out there like them who want what they want.  But the facts prove otherwise.  Most of America just wants to be left alone and enjoy life with the government off their back!  They take the term "pursuit of happiness" to mean that YOU pursue happiness for yourself.  (As opposed to the Leftist idea of THEM being the ones to try to make you happy, by doing everything for you).
The left has always believed that they are right and everyone else is wrong.  They feel that they are smart and everyone else is too dumb to know what's good for them, and that's why they are needed as the Saviours of humanity to take charge and do what's best for all. 
Yet, if you study their teachings, doctrines, and ideals you find they seldom work.  Instead they only impoverish the masses and make people dependent on others, rather than self-reliant and self-sufficient.   
So rather than deal with their failed policies, the Left must get the attention off of themselves and their failures and on to their adversaries.  Thus, they attack swiftly and repeatedly.  And before we can find out the truth, they attack again with blankets of accusations, over and over, without rest.  It's like they build a smoke cloud so thick, that no one can ever see the picture clearly.  Yet, if the smoke would just clear, then they would see the truth for themselves.
Sadly, most people allow themselves to be decieved by the Left, and they enjoy believing the accusations of the Left before they are proven true or false.  The simple truth is that it's not the truth that people remember, rather the accusations against a person!  A person could be completely innocent of any wrong, but most people will always remember that person as so and so that was accused of such and such.  It doesn't matter if they did it or not.  They are the person who was accused of doing such.  The Left knows this and uses this smear campaign without mercy, for it is their most effective weapon.
Yet, as we study the history of the Left, we find that there are always the same people which the Left hates and is active in Attacking.  These are the people they will always attack, because they are a threat to their positions.  They are as follows. 

The Righteous

The Left hates those who are right.  I guess that's why they despise "The Right" and label them "Right-wing Extremists."  They want people to believe that what they believe and teach is "extreme" when usually, all they belive is what the Constitution says.   How is that extreme?
The Left cannot take anyone who is right, nor can they deal with anyone who has their facts straight.  They live in a dream world, where they actually believe they, and they alone, are helping people, so anyone else must be destroyed.  Yet they don't realize they are hurting others, while plunging the country deeper into debt.  They are the ones who are in the wrong, but they can't see it.  So they must attack the righteous, for the only alternative would be to admit they are wrong.

The Redeemed

This country used to be a "Christian Nation."  But not long ago, many news media organizations proudly stated that this is no longer true.  Why?  Because they are bais against Christianity and look at it as an outdated system of morales.   They openly riducle and make fun of God and the Bible.  Even our President said something to the effect that Americans who hang onto their "guns and their Bibles" are behind the times.
Why is there such a war against Christians from the Left?  Could it be that the Conservatives or "the Right" is in favor of God, guns, and the Constitution and the Left hates this as these are all a threat to their overall plan to take over the country?  Or could it be they really know they are wrong in what they believe and practice, and rather than repent and get right with God, they would rather rage against those who claim to know and love God?
Or could it be even more sinister then that?  Could they be lead of Satan himself?  (A strong possibility, as many leftists follow a book by Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his work to LUCIFER!!!)
Could it be the reason the left is against the right is because it is a spiritual battle of good verses evil?

The Rich

It's strange to me to see the Left going after the Rich.  For some of the richest people in the world are Leftist Liberals who have made millions of dollars in both legal and illegal business deals and arrangments.  Yet they love to cater to the poor and make them think they really care about them, claiming they live only to try to help them.  They further love to produce tension in a sort of class warfare between the Rich and Poor, stating that those evil "1%" devils are the reason that they are Poor. (Which isn't true at all).  But the left never seem to tell you that many of these same Liberals are closer to the 1% than they are to being Poor themselves.  Could it be the Left only cares about money, and wants to get rich on the back of the poor and middle class?

The Radio Talk Show Hosts

Thank God there is still freedom of Speech in the United States of America.  (At least there still is today as I write this).  But do you care to guess who wants to get rid of it?  That's right, THE LEFT!  For it's they who have tried to pass legislation called "The Fairness Doctrine" in which they desire to regulate talk radio and give their liberal voice equal time with Conservative Talk Show Hosts.  Why is this?  I believe the answer is very plain to see.  People want to hear TRUTH rather than LIES.  And many Conservative Talk Show Hosts can back up what they say with facts and evidence.  While most liberal Talk Show Hosts are only active giving their opinions, or active only in ATTACKING others.  (Which again, is the standard Operating Procedure of the Left).
There is a huge push today by the modern liberal media and leftist politicans against free speech and against Radio Talk Show Hosts.  The reason is that even though they claim to be so "tolerant" the truth is that liberals and leftists are the most intolerant people in the world. 
Why are they so intolerant while claiming to be more tolerant than others? 

Those with a Real Track Record

Finally, Liberals and Leftists don't like anyone who has a real track record of truly helping others and making the country better.  Call it jealousy or whatever you like but they despise someone else getting the praise because they want it all for themselves.  So they tend to conveniently omit the facts and ignore certain people and time periods of our nation. 
That is, they ignore the track records of those conservatives that made a difference and made things better.  They further ignore the results of their own policies, especially when they make things worse.  I guess you could say that Liberals and Leftists are some of the most "ignorant" people around, because they either DON'T KNOW, FORGET, or WILLFULLY OMIT the truths of history.
To liberals, leftists, and Democrats, Reagan was evil.  But why?  Was it cause he was a Conservative?  That must be it, for Reagan did a lot for our country.
As a child, I remember interest rates on savings accounts being up to 18% under Reagan.  They've never been there since, nor have they ever been there under a Leftist Liberal and his policies!  (Can you imagine getting EIGHTEEN PERCENT intrest on YOUR MONEY!  That'd be awesome!!!)
When you look at our current President, he has absolutely no leg to stand on.  He's done nothing to make this country better.  In fact, it could be argued he only made it worse, with his TAX on us through HealthCare, his high gas prices which came from him not giving permits to drill for oil, and his stimulus packages given to companies which eventually went bankrupt, which in turn ended up plunging us into even more debt, which then eventually led to our credit rating being downgraded!  He even said something to the effect of "If I don't get things done in this first term, then I'm only going to be a one term President."  (Wouldn't that be awesome!)
But what does the President have to offer the American people?  What really? Four more years of "hope?"  What are we to hope for?  That it doesn't get any worse???
Many people don't like Mitt Romney.  I personally don't either.  To me, he's a liberal himself.  For it was his healthcare plan that was copied for Obamacare.  But one thing about Romney is that he has run a business and it was profitable.  And when you run a business you know about making profit rather than running yourself and your company into debt. 
Yet, Liberals never want to focus on that!  They can't because that would be a fact. (The fact being Romney has more experience as a CEO than Obama).  So instead Liberals simply attack Romney and try to say that he fired countless thousands of people and left them out in the cold without a job.  Whether this is true or not, think about it for a minute:  "Who would you want as President?  A guy like Obama who's not created any jobs and has done nothing good and got our country deeper in debt, or a guy like Romney who's run a successful business?"
For me, (even though I'm not a fan of Romney), I'd rather have Mitt Romney, because I WANT SOME PEOPLE TO BE FIRED in Washington.  In fact, I wish Romney would fire every federal employee, and make America profitable again!!!
I wish he would run the government like a company.  In fact, I'd like to see the government making so much money, that getting in debt, it would end up making a profit.  Further, I'd like to see America run like a profitiable country in which each American citizen gets dividend checks.  Wouldn't that be cool?
But alas, all this will never happen.  Why?  Because the Left couldn't allow it.  It would take away their reason for existing, as they live only to help the poor.  (Or so they say).   And even if this dream would come to pass, the leftists would have to ignore it happened, for it doesn't fit their narrative.  They want everyone to think that Conservatives and Republicans are EVIL, and they can never do any good, for they are just a bunch of RICH people who only want to profit off of others.
So the Leftist will continue to attack, while the Right will continue to defend themselves, and the vicious and fruitless circle will continue with nothing good getting done and the whole mess just swirling downward into the toilet.   What a shame too!  This country has a lot of potential.
But at least now, you know who it is the Left is busy attacking and why!  They hate, and I reiterate, HATE, with passion, those who try to live right, do right, and act right.  It is a slap in the face to them to believe you are smart enough to live your own life and do your own thing.  They can't have that, for in their own little world (in which they live in their tiny little brains), no one can survive without them.  So, they want to feel needed.  They have to feel like they are completing a purpose.  And because their self-righteousness consumes them and overtakes them and drives them forward, they can only ATTACK all others who don't agree with them.  Some call it ignorance. Others call it pride.  But it is nothing more then the mind of the feeble who can't defend the truth, so they spend their time lashing out at others. 
May you always remember who they are and why they do what they do.  It's because they can't cope and deal with reality, so they make up their own. 
A wise man once said that you can DENY REALITY, but you can't deny the EFFECTS of denying reality.  What a an interesting thought! 

Any comments???  Please provide them below!