Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What this election taught us.

Map of national election results
The results are in from the 2012 election, well, except for Florida.  The winner is Barak Hussein Obama, II, alias, Barry Obama, alias, Barry Soetero. 
What did this election teach us?  Several things, but probably the most important one is that the United States of America is a DIVIDED nation, and as the Bible says, "Every nation...divided against itself shall not stand." (Matthew 12:24) 
Unity is no longer found in this once great nation.  It is divided upon racial, gender, political, social and religious lines.  And this is exactly what our enemies want: A divided nation.  For if you can get two sides fighting against themselves, then you can easily take over, by just waiting until each side tires itself out.
But what's interesting is looking at the map above, to see just who voted for whom.  We find that there are two colors: red and blue.  For those who don't know, Red are the Republicans and Blue are the Democrats.  Red is the color of blood, and blue is the color of heaven.  This is interesting, as the history of the two parties portrays their political colors.  The Republicans are usually the party of War, as Republicans throughout the centuries have waged many wars.  And what happens in war?  People die, thus blood red.  The Democrats, are blue, and what is it they are known for?  They want to remake the earth into their own little Utopia; their own little private heaven.  So they work on trying to help certain parts of society while trying to rob others to pay for their social endeavors, all of which seldom ever work, and suceed only in dividing even more, rather than uniting. 
Each side has their own agenda, and historically, Republicans have opted for war, while Democrats have opted for forcing people to go along with their programs to change society.  This cannot be denied.
But if we look at the map again, not in a political way, rather with a religious view, we find something interesting.  The red states are those which have traditionally been Christian states, while the blue ones are those which historically have been very anti-Christian, or liberal.  They are states which have consistently been against God and the Gospel.  In other words, we find for the most part that the nation is still divided into the Northern States vs. the Southern States.  The old South, which was known as a moral, Christian society, as a whole voted against Obama, while the old Northern Union states, with the exception of Indiana, went for Obama.  How interesting.
What's more, we find the western costal states, which are full of liberals, God deniers, athiests, the sex-crazed pornography industry and more, voted for Obama, while the homeland states, full of farmers, and rural people, voted against him.   Are you starting to see a pattern here?  You should!
The facts are, the more population there is, the more they kick out God and the Bible.  And, the more quickly they sink into apostasy, immorality, and degregation.  What's further is that the more populated states hold the bigger secular universities, which often preach against God, the Bible, morality, and conservatism. 
So what we found in this election is that even though there still are some Christians in our nation, they have little power, and little voice.  Even though they have the most territory per square foot, they still have the least amount of pull.  Why is this?
The facts are that the more people you get in an area, the more sin you'll have.  That's why cities are cess pools of wickedness, while rural areas are usually more moral. 
It all goes back to the Bible, in which God set up an agricultural society, desiring men to own their own land and live off of it.  In fact, God even warned about people getting together and living too close.  In Isaiah 5:8, in which we read, "Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!"
Why did God say this?  Because he knew that the more people came together, the easier they would be to deceive and manipulate with mob rule.  His desire was for man to have a place where he could go to be alone and comune with God!
Sadly, our country is becoming more populated, and more sinful.  And what's worse is the choice of President in our land is not given to whom those who set up the Constitution of the United States of America desired it to go to.  For our Founding Fathers set up the system in which the only people who could vote were LAND owners.  This meant that those who actually owned part of the country could decide what's best for them.  But this was done away with by modern politicians, and now anyone can vote, and they do.  And what do they vote for?  They vote for themselves, and for those who promise to give them things if they vote for them. 
You see, in an agrarian society, people are taught to be self-sufficent and provide for themselves.   This is true freedom, and this is what they wanted protected by their government.   But in a society that lives in cities, they often find that there is much dilenquency, and many people who can't provide for themselves.  They then turn towards hand outs.  And they no longer want to make it on their own, rather they become accustomed to others giving them things.  This makes them lazy, but subservient, and eventually this type of people care about nothing about giving rather only what they can get from others. (No wonder the South and the North were so different in the times of the Civil War!  No wonder the South is known for Southern Hospitality, while the North is known for being rude!  It all makes sense!)
In order to take power in the United States of America today, it's not hard to figure out how to get a person's vote.  All you have to do is promise them something.  And a society that doesn't want to be self-sufficent, but rather self-satiating, will gladly vote for you!  They want something for nothing! 
And, that's how Obama won this election.  He promised to give people stuff.  The only problem is that in order to give someone something, you have to take it from someone else.  And that's what will happen in the next four years.  In fact, that's already happened the last four years.  The government is in the business of taking from one group to give it to another.  In other words, as the President calls it, "Re-distribution of wealth."  Or as it's called politically: "Communism" or "Socialism."
So America has come a long way from its foundations.  It used to be a moral, Christian society which set up a government based upon Agragarian principles, of all people learning to be self-sufficent, and therefore free.  But now, it's the opposite.  It's an immoral society which is actively hostile towards God and the Bible, one in which its citizens are taught from an early age to trust the government and obey and if they do so, they will be rewarded. 
Yet, one thing is forgotten.  HISTORY!  For if you study history, you find that governments always abuse their power, and once liberty has been taken from the citizens, it's never given back.  In fact, once a populace is enslaved, things go from bad to worse.  And all the promises and handouts turn into programs of rationing, in which people get less and less, and eventually starve to death like they did in Russia, Vietnam, Korea, etc.
Communism and Socialism are horrible forms of government.  They are nanny states which don't allow you to do anything you want, rather you to do what you are told.
America wasn't set up this way.  But if you believe Newsweek magazine, "We are all Socialists now!"  This means America is no longer America!
If this is the case, then why even try?  Why go to work, why start a business, why do anything if you can just go on foodstamps and get governmental support?   Doesn't that sound like it'd be so easy?
It is, so that's why so many do just that.  However, they don't see the impending damage and inevitable end of such a practice. 
The truth is, it can't last forever.  Eventually, all the money will run out and everybody will be left with nothing.  They won't even know how to plow fields and live off the land.  So they will either turn towards crime (pillaging, plundering, stealing) or they will die.   
We have a divided political view in this country.  But soon, we will have a divided class system.  And eventually there will be no more rich, middle class, and poor.  We'll all be poor, as there will be no one to tax to give to the poor.  When that happens, all hell breaks loose, and God only knows what will happen next.
Historically, we see one of two things happening: either there is war, or there is holocaust.  If war ensues, millions will die. But if it doesn't, governments have historically turned towards the only other means they know of to keep the populace in check.  They kill their own people so that they won't revolt against them, or so they don't have to give them food, because it's run out.
If you doubt this to be so, just look up what happened with Stalin in Russia, Philpot, Hitler, it's all there!  Governments want control.  They get it by promising the masses something if they'll give up their liberty.  They do, and then the government cannot fulfill it's promises, so it rations and eventually destroys its own people.  It's a vicious cycle, but it's been repeating itself since the beginning of time.
So what did this election teach us?  First, that people are ignorant!  They don't know that voting for "stuff" leads to the downfall of a nation.  Second, that our nation is divided, and it is getting worse.  Tensions are rising and people are angry.  Third, our rulers don't care about us.  If they did, they'd stop spending money and getting the country more in debt.  Forth, our nation doesn't care about God, or following his principles.  They are carnal, rather than spiritual
Finally, the election taught us that bad times are coming.   How far away are they? That's uncertain. But they will come.   A system like this cannot last forever. And it's going to have a horrible ending.  And if things continue in their present course, we will see an increase of hatred, jealousy, mob riots, protests, civil unrest and more.  For these are the inevitable results of a nation who chooses to trust a government rather than God.
All we can do is pray and prepare.  Pray for our country!