Monday, December 12, 2011

The Guilt of your Accusers!

When I was in Bible School a friend and fellow student told me something that I NEVER forgot until this very day.  It was so simple, yet so profound.  He said, "The thing that people accuse you of is most often the very thing they are guilty of themselves!"

Over the years I've found this to be true over 99% of the time.   Whenever someone calls you names, or accuses you of something, or attacks you personally with slander, and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are 100% innocent and they are LYING, then it's because they are guilty of that very same thing themselves!

Take Jesus for an example.  The Pharisees condemned him for blasphemy.  But was he guilty?  No, they were guilty of blaspheming God and their own Messiah!

Take Hitler.  He blamed the Jews for "money grubbing" and taking advantage of Germans.  What did he do?  The same exact thing!  (You should have seen Herman Goering's house.  It was full of the looted treasures of Europe!)

Take Stalin.  He said the Czars were to blame and that they were unfair towards the Russian people, empoverishing them and keeping them as subjects.  So what did he do?  He made Communism the national form of government, which EMPOVERISHED the people, and kept them as SUBJECTS who were abused by their own government.  (I won't even mention how many millions of his own people that Stalin murdered in cold blood).

Take any dictator you want.  It's all the same.  They claim those they are against are guilty of something, but if you give them power then they end up being guilty of the very exact thing they ACCUSED their predecessor of doing!  (Whether he really did do it or not). 

Modern liberals in America are a prime example.  They claim that their opponents are "racists."  However, when you look at their opponents you find they go out of their way to not be so.  However, the liberals cry aloud against white people, Jews, and others.  How can this be.  Oh, yeah, it's cause they are GUILTY of the very thing they ACCUSE others of!  (Lately, a cable newscaster said that the 2012 Iowa Caucuses don't matter because, and I quote, "They are too WHITE, too EVANGELICAL and too RURAL!"  Can you imagine?  Logically, she must against those things and in only helping BLACKS, ATHEISTS, and CITY DWELLERS.  But...  isn't that racist?  Why not treat all men equally?  Are blacks better than whites or vice versa?  Are atheists better than Christians?  Are City folk better than Country folk?  What a RACIST RANT from this liberal newscaster!)

In my own personal life, I've been attacked time and again, and it never ceases to amaze me how often I remember my old friend's statement, and how often it turns out to be true.  I've been accused time and again of things I'm not and/or things I have never done, but when I study the lives of those who accuse me, they are guilty of those very same things.  And, I'm sure you've seen this yourself in your own life. 

How about it?  Got any examples of people, politicians, dictators, etc., accusing others but then be guilty of that very same thing themselves?  You can leave them in the comments box.  I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Devaluing of America

Yesterday my wife and I ran errands.  We always try to pass out tracts and witness when we go to town, and we had a great opportunity to witness to a Salvation Army volunteer.  But that's a different story.
While traveling, we saw a sign on the side of the road that said, "Moving Sale."  Loving Garage Sales, we decided to stop, so we followed the signs to a beautiful home right on the water.  As we went inside we met the owner who told us about why he was selling everything.  His story was heart-breaking. 
He told us that three or four years ago his home was valued at 1.2 million dollars.  The plummeting economy slowly chipped away at the value of the house and now the house is estimated to be worth only about $700,000.  The problem is the man said he owed more than that on his mortage.  And the reason he was selling everything was in the hopes of being able to make a few more payments on his mortage and hope someone will buy it before the bank forecloses on him. 
His story was so sad.  He said for five years he had the house on the market.  Not only had he bought the home years ago as an investment, and built many add-ons to the home to raise it's value, but he seriously thought he would eventually make money on the house and be able to sell it someday for a profit.  Especially since it was right on the water, with a long pier out on the water.
As I looked at his situation, I was saddened greatly.  I also looked around the neighborhood and all the homes in the area were also in foreclosure and up for sale.  What was worse was the majority of the homes were Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Remember them?  Yep, they are the GOVERNMENTAL agencies that years ago the government started to "Help People."  Uh, huh.  Right.  (to be read sarcastically).
So let me see if I can get this straight and explain this for you folks that don't know what happened.  Yep, the government passed laws to "help" people which forced banks to give loans to people who they knew couldn't pay them back.  What happened?  People didn't pay them back.  They couldn't as the economy failed, and the banks didn't get their money back.  So we had to "bail" those banks out, as they were "too big to fail." 
But what about this guy?  Who bails him out?  Nobody.  He lost everything, and he gets nothing in return.  What a sad state.  But that's how America has been devalued.  Things are worse less, while the prices people owe for them remain the same.  Who gets rich?  Bankers. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Great Divide

The Bible says, "...Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." (Matthew 12:25)

And as we look at the United States of America, we find that it is a nation divided.  Half of the country is pro-American, pro-Constititution, pro-Gun rights, pro-freedom, while the other half is pro-communism, pro-socialism, pro-progressivism, pro-anarchy.

So which side will win?  That's not the issue.  The issue is that there is DIVISION rather than UNITY.  And the Bible clearly teaches us that it is the division that will bring desolation and the fall of this great nation.

On one side we have those who think they president is not doing enough.  But on the other side, there are those who think he's done too much already.  So who is right?  It all depends on what it is you want him to do.  If you are a socialist, a communist, and an anarchist, you want him to do as much as possible to bring in chaos and to destroy the system in order to set up your own ideals.  However, if you are a constitutionalist and freedom lover, you feel he has overstepped his boundaries laid forth in the constitution, and is guilty of pushing upon the American citizens things that are not only wrong, but anti-american!

So which side is right?  That's a subject for debate.  But we won't focus on that here.  What we will look at is the "GREAT DIVIDE" between them.  It's almost as if those on both sides are on opposite extreme.  They are so far on one side or the other that they cannot and will not compromise and meet in the middle.   And, this is exactly what we are seeing in the news today.  Politicians have drawn the line in the sand and told others that they must get on this side or that side.  But this line-drawing is what throughout history has always led to strives, envy, hatred, and even wars!   It's dividing people so that they will fight one another.  And the division seeks to keep them apart rather than uniting them on the things they can agree on.

This is exactly what the devil wants, and what he specializes in.  He wants people to hate one another and be so far to the opposite side of the spectrum of each other that they can never get along.  This assures him that they will be long time enemies, and he will seek to work his best at bringing out the worst in both parties, making them lash out against each other.  Eventually, their anger will turn to hatred, and then to violence, and then countless hundreds of thousands of people will get hurt.  This delights the devil, who takes solace in the pain of others.

So what is it exactly that Americans are divided on?  That's a good question, for as you look at what it is that divides them, you find an interesting thing.  It appears that one side is good and one side is evil.  It further seems that one side is influenced by God and the Bible, while the other side is heavily saturated with Luciferian doctrines, and satanism.   So who are these two sides, and what exactly divides them?  Let's look at a few of the key dividing doctrines.

If you know American politics, you know of the two-party system that dominates it.  There are Republicans, and Democrats, and most Americans are either one or the other.  Of course there are those who call themselves "Independents" but most of them would admit that their beliefs and political ideals line up with one of these two parties.

So who are the parties and what do they believe?  Well, it used to be easy to define them, but today it's not that easy, for there are those who have infiltrated both parties which don't always adhere to the main party line.  This is why it's so common to hear of politicians "switching parties" nowadays.  They jump ship and go from one side to another.  Why?  Because they see their parties are "changing" and they aren't what they used to be.  Either that, or the politicians themselves have changed, and that's why they choose to leave their party for another.

But the division in American is much more than just Democrat vs. Republican.  In fact, it's hard to find any differences between the Dems and the Reps, for both of them are now doing the same things. 

So what is the real factor that divides us politically?  Some say it's really Liberals vs. Conservatives.  And this makes more sense.

Let's look briefly at the difference between these two groups, for it's there that we find the dividing lines.

First, Liberals take a weak stance on the constitution while Conservatives take a strong stance on it, believing we should take it literally.  Why is this?  It's because the Constitution is a document that relied heavily upon GOD and man's GOD-GIVEN rights.  Liberals, however, don't seem to like God too much, as the majority of them have been educated in secular schools to despise God.  Thus, they believe that it is GOVERNMENT that gives man rights, not God.   Thus, liberals are "anti-God" while they are pro "playing God" in their politics.

Second, Liberals believe in governmental welfare, or forced political giving to those who don't have.  Conservatives also believe in giving, but they stress that it should be done only by indivuals or churches, and not by citizens through forced taxation.  This is an important point, as the Bible teaches that a man should "work by the sweat of his brow" for what he has.  He's to work hard and "enjoy the fruits of his labor."   Liberals, however, appear to be more in favor of Communism, in which the government owns everyone and everything and it decides what a person should and shouldn't have.  In Communism, a person is not self-sufficient, as God intended them to be, but rather completely dependent upon the government.  This kicks God out and sets the government up as God.  Once again, liberal thought and doctrine spits in the face of God and the scriptures.

Third, Liberals often are in favor of abortion, a horrible practice of killing babies before they are born.  They claim it is the woman's "right" to choose to not have a baby, and they have passed laws in favor of such.  But Conservatives feel this is wrong, as it clearly is the taking of human life without the individual baby having the choice to live or not.  What does the Bible say about abortion?  A lot actually.  For in the Bible, we are further told that, "LIFE" is in the blood.  That means when a child is formed in it's mother's womb and it begins producing it's only blood supply, it is a life.  To take away that life is MURDER in the scriptures.
So why do Liberals defend women in their desire to murder their own children, and attack conservatives who look at this as a pagan, immoral practice?  Could it be once again that liberals are against God?

Finally, liberals are in favor of trying to "right" what they view as "wrongs."  They engage in racial policies like affirmative action, in gender policies like woman's lib, and more.  And instead of allowing laws to apply to all people alike, they seek to grant certain rights or privileges on certain classes, genders, and races that are unfair to others.  Why is this?  They claim it's just "social justice" but who died and made them the judge?
Conservatives, on the other hand, believe in the Constitution, and they believe that ALL CITIZENS are equal under the law.  Thus, they look at liberal policies as not only unconstitutional, but also irrational.  If you look at them further, they are often "anti-biblical" as well.

So who is supposed to be in charge of "justice."  Who is to judge others for all the wrong in the world?  The Bible says it's GOD who is supposed to judge everyone in the last day.  So why do liberals think that it's their job to JUDGE everyone and then hand out decrees and laws that are to "right the wrongs" of society.  Could it be they are once again guilty of "playing-God?"

Clearly conservatives and liberals disagree with one another.  No one would argue with that.  But it's strange that no one seems to be pointing out the fact that LIBERALS almost always are on the side that is against God and the Bible.  And often, they are trying to play God themselves.  Why is this?  What is the reason that liberals are so "anti-God?"  Could it be they are influenced by satanic forces? 

Obviously there is something to that, especially when so many liberals love the book, "Rules for Radicals," a work that was dedicated to "LUCIFER!"   Hmmm.  Interesting, isn't it?

Further, most liberals learn their liberal doctrines in SECULAR colleges, which oftentimes are full of professors who are renowned ATHEISTS who continually riducule and downgrade the idea of God.  And while in college, many students often join organzations like Skull and Bones, the Jason Society, etc., which are groups started by people who were into LUCIFERIANISM, and which teach people how to gain power and influence in the world.   After college, many people join groups like the MASONS, which according to Albert Pike is the "oldest religion" and is in fact, the worship of LUCIFER.

Liberals, also enjoy political organizing, and love to fund groups like ACORN, SEIU, and others that further endoctrinate people and propogate their anti-God and anti-bible ideals.

Now back to our topic at hand:  THE GREAT DIVIDE in our country.  Could it be the divide comes from the liberals dividing themselves from what America was founded on?  Could it be that they are going the way of evil, while conservatives are trying to converse the foundations of America, which was founded on God and the Bible?  More plainly stated, "Could liberalism be nothing more than a movement of Satan to destroy America?"

These questions you must answer yourself.  All I know is there is DIVISION, and it's more rampant than it's ever been before.  At first, America was founded as a Christian nation.  But those Christian teachings have quickly erroded away.  Now, it appears America is more of a pagan nation.   And today we find conservatives who are trying to hold on to the Christian ideals of the founders and the Constitution are looked upon as "old fuddy-duddies" by modern liberals who think of themselves as "cultured," "refined," and "modernized."  Yet, these same liberals don't seem to understand that they have been, and still are, rebelling against what founded the nation they are living in.  They are divided from what America was founded on, and are actively showing their divisive spirit as they openly protest, campaign, and endoctrine others to follow them and their teachings.  So dogmatic are they in their ways that they have become militant and are starting to fight all those who don't go along with them in their fanaticism.  They truly believe they are right, and don't see how far they've gone down the leftist path to destruction. 

What do conservatives do?  Sadly, many of them have given up and are even joining the liberals.  They are turning from what they once knew and believed, and accepting liberal teachings.  But they can only go so far.  They are "moderates."  But their inablility to stand for what they believe in only empowers the liberal agenda.  While those who do stand are viewed as "extremist" "right-wing" groups. 

Division ensues and liberals go farther to the left, taking some with them, but forcing others even farther to the right.  The division is getting greater and worseing more and more.  But no one seems to say anything about it?

Do you see the great divide?  What do you think should be done? 

Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Govern America Properly

Our country is in a mess!  And no one can argue with that statement.  Economically, it's in decline, spiritually, it has strayed from God, and morally it has adopted many beliefs that undermine the very moral fabric of our society.  In short, our country is going to Hell in a hand basket!

So, who's to blame?  The answer most often heard from pulpits across our land is that it's all "OUR" fault for electing politicians who are "progressives," "socialists" and "communistic."  But I'm so tired of the blame being placed upon us.  It's not our fault.  It's the POLITICIANS fault, for it is they who are doing all the bad stuff in passing laws that only seek to "regulate" more, rather than allowing a free market system to work.

It's like Benjamin Franklin said, "He who governs LEAST governs BEST!"  If only politicians would realize this.  If only their platform were, "Vote for me, and I'll do NOTHING if elected!" 

The other day I was thinking about how to solve all the problems in America.  And I thought about it as a corporation.  In a corporation, people own part of the company and own STOCKS.  In other words, they are part owners in the business.   They have a stake in the company. 

Now, when the business does well, they receive either dividends or an increase in value of their stock.  So potentially, the owners of the business (the shareholders) have the potential to prosper financially if the company makes a profit.  However, they also take a loss if the company goes in the red.  Thus, the companies very reason for existence is to make money and feed its owners.

So why isn't it like this in America?  Why can't we run this nation the same way?  Why can't Americans who own property (i.e. own stock) in America prosper as the country prospers?

We as a nation are now over 7 trillion dollars in debt.  And sadly, the American people are expected by those in power to foot the bill.  But they had no say in the spending of that money.  So why should they have to pay it?

The governing of this country is completely backwards.  It's not like a business trying to make a profit, rather it's like a company that's trying to run a deficit on purpose, so it can sell more stock and try to get more cash to do more.  The only thing is that its stock is worthless and the whole world knows it!

What if we started over in America?  What if we got rid of the debt and started all over?  And what if, (go with me here for a minute,) what if instead of the government LOSING money, it actually MADE money? 

What if the American government stopped giving money away to everybody and spending on frivolous things of no lasting value, and instead INVESTED the money it receives in taxes and uses that money to make more money to in turn give back to the American people, the shareholders of the nation?

If only things worked that way!  For I read a year or so ago that the nation of America has enough natural resources and minerals in its soil that if divided equally among it's poplulace, every American could have something like 5 million dollars apiece (I don't remember the exact number, but it was in the millions).

Can you imagine?

What if you were an American citizen, and when you are born, you were given 5 million dollars.  They just gave it to you.  Wouldn't that be awesome?
Why?  Because it was what the nation had and it was a just nation that EQUALLY divided its wealth with its citizens, just like a company giving dividends to its stock holders.  Wouldn't that be cool?

If you lived in Alaska, you'd know what I'm talking about.  In Alaska they give people about 1500 dollars a year, just to live in that state!  Where does it come from?  Is it tax money taken and given out as welfare?  No!  It's money from the OIL COMPANIES, who take oil out of Alaskan soil who in turn pay the citizens of Alaska for allowing them to let them take their oil.  That's too cool!  

But alas, in our country today, the Government does not want to do such a thing.  Instead, they want to tax the rich to give to the poor.  But that's not right!  Why should one class of people get something for nothing while another class works to get what they have???  That doesn't make sense.

If I were in charge, I know what I would do.  I would make America run like a business, and I would try to make that business make a profit, and not run in the red.   I would then make sure to send dividends to NATURAL BORN CITIZENS of this country.  (Note, I would only give it to people who were BORN here, and not to immigrants.  There are many reasons for this, but I can't go into that now.)

This would be an amazing endeavour.  It would mean that all taxes given to the government MUST be used to turn a profit.  In other words, they must be INVESTED in such a way as to make sure Americans got back MORE than what they paid in.

Can you imagine a system like this?  America would be the greatest country in the world!

So if a company can run itself as a business and make a profit, why can't the federal government?  

That's a good question.  The answer is because the federal government is not in the business of MAKING money, it's only in the business of SPENDING money.  And it does so a little too effectively (being now over 7 TRILLION dollars in debt).  But where does this money go?   The answer may surprise you.  It goes several places.  First it goes overseas.  That's right.  It goes to foreign countries and not to its own citizens!  Through USAID and other organizations the U.S. government gives away money to foreign nations and gets absolutely nothing in return.  Who's money is it?  Why it's the American citizen's money!  So why do others who aren't even Americans entitled to it?

Can you imagine if a private company did this?  Just imagine if they sold stock in their company, then they took that money and just gave it to their competition with no expectation of it being repaid.  What would happen?  Why the stock holders would get angry and dump all their stock and the company would go under! 

Er, um, maybe I've said too much.  Cause that's exactly what's happening with the U.S.  It's spending all it's money and getting the stock holders in debt, all while claiming that they have to give "stimulus" in order to get the economy running again.  In other words, they believe you have to "spend your way out of debt!"  (No, really, that's what several politicians have actually said on tape!)

The American government also spends money on domestic projects that are not profitable and not returnable.  For example, we are hearing lately of the SOLYNDRA scandal, in which MILLIONS (or was it BILLIONS, I forget), of American's tax payer's money was giving to this company, and then it later went belly up and bankrupt.  How does this happen?  But it does and it happens quite often.

If you don't remember anything else in this blog, just remember this:  "THIS IS NOT HOW YOU GOVERN A COMPANY, MUCH LESS A NATION!" 

To give away the stockholders money to anyone and everyone with NO EXPECTATION of receiving anything in return is not only negligant but CRIMINAL!  It is not only bankrupting the nation, but the citizens as well, as the debt incurred leads to high and massive inflation, making a person's money worth less and less.  It's double robbery, taking for them and spending without their say so, and then making what they have left over worth next to nothing.

So with this sad expose of the American situation exposed, the question is, "Would you like to know how to fix the problem?"  The answer is simple, just do what the BIG BANKS do.  That is, (and please get a hold of this), DON'T GIVE AWAY ANYTHING!!!  (unless it's maybe a toaster!)

In order to make a profit, you must sell something that is worth something.  That's common business knowledge.  But if you already have money, the best way to make money is to LOAN it at interest, and not GIVE it away.  For the simple fact is that once it's given, it's gone, and you'll never see it again, and if you borrowed it to give away, then all you get in return is more DEBT.  And what's worse is that if you borrow money and then you give it away for nothing, you end up still having to pay it back!  How is that profitable?  How does that make business sense?

Now here's where the difference is.  Corporations and Banks make profit.  They either sell a product or lend money.  But the problem with them is they usually are corrupt.  They will sell cheap products for high prices, or they will loan money at high interest rates, and this is how they profit off of people. 

This used to not be the case, but with the great lack of morals in our society this is what happens, as greed usually takes over in a person's heart and they seek to "cheat" people by selling them less then adaquate products for overinflated prices.

This is a sad situation, but even though it's taking advantage of a free market system, that doesn't mean that a free market system is bad.  Captialism must have morality to work.  Unscrupulous capitalists are nothing more than thieves.  While moral and honest capitalists are hardworking men who are only trying to put food on the table and take care of their families.

So how should the government govern?  Simple.  They should stop GIVING money, but simply LOAN it.  And they should loan it as very low interest rates. 

For example, the price of college is outrageous nowadays.  So why doesn't the government say, "Okay, we will loan you the money at 1 percent interest." 

Then the person can get a loan and actually afford to pay it back.  He comes out better, because private loan companies and banks charge WAY MORE THAN only 1 percent, getting a person in debt for life, and completely unable to pay back the full amount. 

If the government loaned the money it would suceed, as it would be earning 1 percent until that person pays back their college loan debt.  In other words, they'd MAKE money while they HELPED someone, without going into debt!

See how the government HELPED that person, but at the same time it robbed no one.  It is making money rather than stealing money through taxes which it then gives away in things like pell grants, etc.

In the case of foreign countries, American should NEVER GIVE THEM ANY MONEY, period.  For this takes out money from our own cash flow in our own nation.  But if it does decide to pass money to other countries, it should be in the form of a LOAN, and at HIGH INTEREST RATES. 

For example, a country wants to better itself and it needs capital to do so.  So they come to America and ask for a loan of 100 million dollars.  The government could say, "Okay, we'll happily give you a loan for that amount, but you must pay it back in so many years, at an interest rate of 10 percent!"

If the country agrees and pays it, then wouldn't America be a much better, richer, profitable nation?

All these principles are so basic, so easy to grasp.  Yet our government continues to ignore them and plunge further into debt.  WHY?

Well, there is a reason for the spendthriftery of our national government.  They are getting in debt on purpose, and I hope you know the reason.  If not, you should really study history.  It all goes back to the international bankers, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Illuminati, a global one world conspiracy, and more, in which the goal is a one world government and not a world with many different nations.  But that's another blog for another time.

The only way to govern America properly is to run it like a business with the goal of MAKING money, rather than SPENDING itself into debt.  This can still happen and should happen, but it will only happen if American citizens work together to vote out the current administration (I'm talking about Dems and Reps alike.  They are both corrupt and are in favor of spending money.)

Very few people know the truth about America, nor do they study how it was initially set up.  In the beginning, there were absolutely no taxes set up on the American people.  They were sick of taxation by Great Britian, so they made it a point to do away with taxes all together.  So how did the Federal government get money?  The answer was through DUTIES on foreign nations through trade.  If a country traded with America, they had to pay duty on all they sought to sell in America, and that money went into the coffer of the treasury of the government.  It was making money not off the citizenry, rather off of  other countries.  This left the typical American citizen to work hard and profit himself, as almost the entire world had to come to America to buy his goods.  America SOLD to other nations and made a profit, while it made them pay duty to sell their goods to us.  That means the government made money both ways!

If only we could get back to a system like this in which the government was not in debt, did not GIVE away countless TRILLIONS of dollars, and didn't expect their poplulace to pay for all their wreckless SPENDING through wanting to tax them even more.  For such a nation is not governed properly. 

Let me close with this illustration.  Let's say a guy comes into your home and says that he's going to take over your finances, and all you have to do is trust him and he'll make you money. Would you trust him?  I don't know.  I think I might be mistrustful from the git-go.  But let's say he does so and he takes your money and invests it and over time he makes you a millionare.  Wouldn't you be ecstatic?  Wouldn't you appreciate what he did for you?  Of course you would.

Now let's look at it on the other side of the coin.  What if a guy came into your house and said, "I'm taking over your finances whether you like it or not, and there's nothing you can do about it!"  And then he shows you a legal document granting him that right.  Then he takes your money and gets you so far into debt you'll never get out of it, ever!  How would you feel?  Obviously, you'd be angry and ungrateful, wishing he'd just leave you and your money alone!

So which system of government do we have based on the illustration above?  If you guessed the second one, you are right!

But it doesn't have to be that way.  We can still turn the country around and get it back to what it used to be.  We can still elect officials who can fix this mess and get us back on tract to a profitable pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.  But that time to do so is getting very short, as we have people in positions of power today who believe profit is evil.  They want to "distribute the wealth" and spread it around.  But why don't they just get back to trying to make America great again, and making it a profitable nation like it once was in which the American Dream was:  "If you work hard, you'll suceed!"  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Importance of Property Owners Voting

When our founding fathers set up the constitution, they knew exactly what they were doing.  They were setting up a system of government with checks and balances, knowing that this had to be done, as one side would want more power than the others.  Thus, they made a way that government could be kept in check and unable to gain too much power over the people, thus giving the people liberty.
Sadly, much of this liberty was lost over the years, as following generations of politicians misunderstood the founding father's intentions.  And probably one of the worst things that ever happened to America was the horrible changes to the voting laws.
In the Constitution only PROPERTY OWNERS were allowed to vote.  This is important, as they actually had a stake in the country.  THEY were the ones who were true AMERICANS.  They owned part of America through the owning of land.
It's like a modern day company with shareholders.  Those who own shares have a right to vote.  And their vote should be heard.  However, who in their right mind would allow outsiders who own NO SHARES to vote for what's best for the company.  That just doesn't make sense, does it?
But this is what has happened in America today.  We find that the right to vote has been changed from just the shareholders, or the land owners, to anyone who is born in America, or who comes here legally and becomes a citizen.  That means that now instead of people voting who have a stake in the country, you have people voting who don't own any land, and they only vote based upon their opinions, their ideals, their feelings, or their party, rather than voting on what's best for them and their own property.
We see as the voting laws were changed in America that voting wasn't only for what was best for the landowner and the country, but rather voting became what was best for the personal voter him or herself.
In other words, when the country was set up, only landowners could vote, and they voted based upon what was best for each other's land.  They wanted freedom to do what they please on their own property.  But as more and more people who were unable to buy and secure land were given the vote, we see a massive change from that of those voting who had a share in the country to those who had no share in the nation.  And we find many non-landowners voting only for what was best for THEM, not what was best for their neighbor.  This meant that all a politician had to do was promise them something, and if they were to vote for him or her then the politician would pass laws to help them. 
What happened next is the history of welfare, as more and more politicians promised something for nothing to non-landowners.  And to pay for it, the landowners were taxed the more in order to give to those who had not.  Redistribution of wealth ensued with the government paying God, and trying to decided who deserved what, taking more from the landowners, and giving it to those who did not own land.
Can you imagine a system like this?  Imagine the example of the company I gave above.  And imagine a company telling its shareholders, "We are going to give the right to vote to all the customers of this company."  And then whenever there is a vote, the customers vote to give themselves more stuff for free.  Who pays for it?  The company, and the shareholders, who eventually find their shares are almost worthless, because the company is no longer making a profit!  So what do they do?  They become angry and sell their shares to anyone who will buy them, and the company eventually fails because of it, and the company and the shareholders have no say on how to run the company and make it prosper.
This is EXACTLY what's happening in America today.  Those who own property are taxed to death and looked at as the bad guys, while those without are given the right to vote, and they vote to give themselves even more.  How can this not eventually bankrupt the whole system?  And who in their right mind would believe that the landowners would sit idly by and take it without trying to do something about it, either selling their land and getting away from such a corrupt system, or trying to change the system in order to be allowed the freedom they once enjoyed to run their land as they saw fit.
In America, we now see that there are many landowners who are failing.  But the very rich ones have figured out ways to buddy up to the government and get special favors so they don't lose their land.  It's like this, and one again I'll use the illustration of a modern-day company.
The company is going bankrupt, and the share-holders are angry that non-shareholders are voting to get freebies from the company.  So in order to keep the company afloat that they love so much, they see the only way is to become the head CEO of the company, so they seek power and then give special favors to the other share-holders, even though the voting customers are against it.  The shareholders then make secret deals to make sure their shares stay high, and they are viewed as a thriving company, even though they are on the verge of bankrupcy.  And the shareholders chose "lobbyists" to lobby the CEO for even more special favors.
What happens?  The CEOs resign, because they can't keep the whole fiasco afloat.  The shareholders loose everything.  And the voting customers get angry and blame the company and the shareholders, claiming it's all their fault.  War ensues, and the company is destroyed all together.
Do you see the correlation with what is happening in America?  How unfair it truly is to allow people to vote who don't even have a share in the nation!  Why allow them to vote when they don't even have any property, or any stake in the American company?
If they try to undermine the property owner's rights to own property and enjoy what they have, then don't they cut their own throats when they obtain property themselves?  Why can't we all be happy owning property.  Wasn't that once the American Dream?
It used to be you could work hard in America, save up, and eventually buy your own land and home.  Now, those days are almost gone.  It's because non-shareholders are cornering the market on the vote and are only voting for what's best for themselves, and not what's best for others.  They can't see that they are destroying what they could also enjoy if they would just work hard to accomplish.
I'll close with this.  Just imagine if you will the company and the shareholders holding the vote themselves.  They would vote for what was best for the company and what was best for the shareholders.  They would want profit for all and each other.  As the company grows, they would then sell more shares, and more people would be shareholders.  As the number of shareholders grows so do the number of votes.  And each one would then vote for more prosperity for themselves and the country.  They would want freedom to hold on to their own lands, and not give it away to others who didn't work for it or buy it with their own hard earned money.   They would vote not to get in debt.  They would vote to make sure the company doesn't spend more than it has.  And they would vote that the company do more, spread more, and do more business, open more offices, and sell more product.  They would all prosper, as they all did what was BEST FOR THE COMPANY and the PEOPLE of that company (the shareholders).

If only people who understand this model would look at America the same way.  How could you ever give the right to vote to those who don't understand how business works?  And how could you let them vote if they don't have a stake in the endeavour?  It just doesn't make sense.

Truly, the founding fathers knew the importance of giving the vote only to PROPERTY OWNERS, rather than to all citizens.  If only America could go back to the simple and important ideal.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Power of Written Literature

Many people don't understand the power of the printed page.  However, in the history of human beings, we find that man loves to write things down.  And throughout the history of man, we find that often, a man's writings have started profound movements which have turned the course of human history.  Let's just look at a few of them.


Of all the books in the world, the oldest is of course the Bible, which contains the book of Job, which lays claim on the oldest book in the world.  But the first five books of the Bible are those written by Moses himself, a man who God called out of his life of nobility to lead his people Israel to freedom.  Moses wrote these books, which today are called "The Law" and it set up a system of worship, law, and customs of the Jewish People.  Quite possibly no other book in the world had as much influence as the first five books of Moses.  In these books, the Jews find their history, their faith, and their means of redemption.  It was through a blood sacrifice of an animal as demanded by the law.  Thankfully, God later gave us the New Testament, and salvation is no longer through man's shedding of blood, rather through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the LAMB OF GOD!
These books are still studied, believed, and followed by Jews today some 3500 years after they were written, and are the foundational books of the Jewish religion.
We also find modern law coming from these books, and the ten commandments which do well to show us what makes a moral society.


This book was written by Mohammed, who claims to be a prophet of Allah, and who claims he was instructed to write down some things.  He writes about supposed visions he saw, as well as giving rules for his followers, which today call themselves Muslims.  They are followers of a religion they call "Islam," which means "submission."  In Islam, a person must submit to the Koran and its teachings.  And the ultimate goal of Islam is to bring the whole world under submission to the Islamic faith.  
The Koran has become the most important book for followers of Mohammed, and they use it as their law book, as well as their war book, in waging "jihads" or "holy wars" upon others.  Many Muslims believe that if they kill a Christian or a Jew then they will be given many virgens in paradise to spend eternity with.  This is their incentive for "murdering" others.  
Today, Islam is one of the biggest religions in the world, and it continues growing with its "submit" or "die" mentality.  As a book, the Koran, or "Qu'aran" as others spell it.   Has had quite an impact on the middle east.


After the invention of the printing press by Johan Gutenberg, the world desired more books, and more learning.  And, one of the most sought out books on printing presses in the 1500's was the Greek New Testament of Erasmus, one of the most notable scholars of his day.  Erasmus traveled around Europe looking in the world's most eruditious libraries trying to find as many manuscripts of the New Testament that he could find.  He collated these together and then made his own Greek/Latin New Testament, beleiving that the texts he chose (the Antioquian line rather than the Alexandrian line) were the closest to the original autographs of the New Testament.  Upon his publication of his work, and subsiquent other editions of it (each one getting better than the one before), many scholars in his day bought his work, and many Protestants worked hard at translating it into their own language.  This included Spanish, English, Russian, Italian, German, and more. 
And through this revival of going back to the scriptures for knowledge, eventually the REFORMATION took place, or the age of enlightenment in which ideas and learning were openly discussed and dispersed after centuries of being repressed by the corrupt church of the middle ages which desired to leave people ignorant and blind. 
Erasmus' work further gave men a desire to have the pure words of God in their own langauge, and this eventually led the the pure and infallible translation known as the KING JAMES AUTHORIZED VERSION of the Bible, a translation done by the intelligent and learned men of their time (or any time for that matter), many of which spoke and wrote 12 different langagues.   This version then later lead to more true Christian revival in the world than in any other time in history!  First it was the first great awakening, then the second great awakening, and then there was revival in England and the United States in the 1800's.  All of which came about because man had studied out, returned to, and preached from the true and pure words of God! 


England was a righteous and religious nation for decades after the King James Bible, with the common people knowing the Bible like the back of their hand.  Later America too was a nation of Bible readers and Bible believers, but as England, they too quickly fell into apostasy as new doctrines seeped into the nation and the church.  Soon German Rationalism questioned the infallibility of the Bible and the miracles of Jesus.  Then Lyle questioned the timeline of the Bible, claiming there couldn't have been "thousands of years" rather "hundreds of thousands" or even "millions" of years in man's history.
Reading through Lyle's book, a young Bible College graduate named Charlie Darwin allowed his faith in the word of God to be destroyed, and he later wrote a book entitled, "ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES," in which he theorized that man and beast EVOLVED over many years, and were not the product of the direction creation of God.
His work had a great impact on scientists, many of which did not want to think about God, and eventually led to the teaching of the THEORY of EVOLUTION, or the teaching that man came from apes, and that the world was not "created" rather it "exploded" out of absolutely nothing (a silly and offensive notion if you actually think about it).  Forget the fact that this theory could never be proven in a laboratory, yet many so-called scientists jumped on the band wagon and preached this theory as though it was fact.  "Survival of the fittest" became their rally cry, and they bragged upon being the descendents of monkeys, frogs, earthworms, and amoebas, (sounds a little silly, doesn't it?)
Evolution theory taught that man were nothing but animals, and the inevitable end of such nonsense was that man would actually start living like such, and that's exactly what happened as man did not evolve, but rather devolved into animalistic tendencies, living only to fornicate, play, drink, and fight.  This lead to many wars to come in which countless millions were slaughtered,  especially the Jews in Germany, who Hitler looked at as "vermin" or animal "pests" that must be exterminated (Hitler believed in Evolution hook, line and sinker, by the way!)  And since then evolution has made man not better but worse, as he gives in to his basest desires and instincts, rather than looking towards his Creator for guidance in life.  All this from books.  First Lyle's, then Darwin's.  I wonder how many died because of Lyle and Darwin talking people out of their faith in God, and allowing them to partake in animalistic atrocities, while thinking there was nothing wrong with it, as they themselves were animals.


In America, a woman named Harriet Beecher Stowe, wrote a book.  It's full title was, "Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Life Among the Lowly" (was she calling black people "lowly?").  In her book she lamblasted the white man and made him look like an angry slave driver who only lived to whip and beat his property, while the black man was looked upon as a poor, mistreated, misunderstood, and destitute, yearning to be free.
Her book sparked an outcry in the North and eventually led to a Civil War, in which the North thought they needed to free the negroes in the South.  Countless thousands upon thousands of both blacks and whites died in that war, and it was all over a book...  What a minute, ...  well, um, er, actually, that's not what it was about at all!  But, that's what modern writers want you to think.  Actually, the war was about TARIFFS from the North on the people in the South.  Yep, they wanted to TAX the south about 30 to 40% on everything they sold.  But that's another story for another day.
Anyway, back to Stowe and her book.  There might have been some bad masters who did evil to their slaves, but not all Southerners were that way.  In fact, if you look at a slave in the South in the 1850's and 1860's and compare him to a modern blue collar worker today, you might not be able to see who the real slave is.  You see, slaves in the South only had to work 7 months out of the year.  They then had 5 months off to do as they pleased.  (Picking cotton was SEASONAL, and that was what they were supposed to do).  They also were given an ax, a shotgun, and even a family in most cases by their masters, and were even given land to build their own houses.  Boy, what a nice thing that would be!  Imagine having to work only 7 months out of the year, and being able to own your own land without paying property taxes or rent, and being able to raise a family in your own house that you built with your own hands, and then you can fish and hunt and do whatever you want for 5 months!   That'd be awesome!  What a far cry from today, having to work 40 to 80 hour weeks all week long, and then having to pay property tax, income tax, sales tax, etc. and then only getting a week or two off every year for vacation.  Hmmm.  Makes you think, doesn't it?  Who's the real slave?!
Yet, Mrs. Stowe's book impacted thousands of minds, and made hundreds of thousands of people stereotype the Southern people and demonize them into being these EVIL reprobates who only lived to rape and beat up black people.  How strange a book can make people believe something that isn't true.
The facts are that the majority of Southerners we church going, Bible-believing Christians.  Sure they owned slaves, but most of them treated them like family.  The expected of them to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, and they treated them with dignity and respect, buying them clothes, giving them shelter, and even freeing them themselves in their later years to live out their lives on their own piece of land.


Communism is a stupid form of government.  In its desire to make people the same, it doesn't take into account the fundamental truth that ALL PEOPLE ARE NOT THE SAME!  Some people are naturally hard workers and to work hard to get ahead.  Other people are born lazy and want to be so their entire lives.  We who work hard should not have to stop working to be like the lazy people.  And, the lazy people shouldn't have to work hard just to like us.  We should all be free to do what we please and then see how it turns out.  Usually, if you work hard, you can get ahead and enjoy the fruit of your labours.  And most likely, if you are lazy, you'll end up with nothing, be despised by others who look at you as a lazy bum, and end up on the streets and hungry.   But no government should ever interfere with man's liberty to be what he wants, whether it be a hard worker or a lazy good for nothing bum.
But communism does just that.  I regulates people and puts rules on them telling them what they can and can't do.  Then, it mandates that all men must have the same things, and they must allow the government to take care of them.  This makes a person completely dependent upon the government, and over generations makes them completely unable to do anything for themselves.  In other words, it leaves them devestated and unable to do for themselves, much less think for themselves.  Any opposition to communism, communist ideals, or communistic governmental law and practice is usually met with dire consequences.  Thus, communism rapes the very soul of man and his freedom and individual liberty.
With that stated, it's interesting, if not ironic, that the only way that communism takes root is through "literature."  It is an "intellectual" religion which preys upon the "learned," and gains ground usually through the printed page on universities and colleges.  It further tries to convince people that they need to be "fair" and it's not fair for one person to have more than another, so what is needed is a communistic government to be the decider of what's fair and they should be empowered to dictate fairness to others.
Almost all communist governments started with books.  Take Mao Tse-Tung.  He wrote what he called his "RED BOOK," and mandated that it should not only be read, but it must be KEPT IN THE POSSESSION OF EVERY HOUSEHOLD.  Man's free thought was not allowed.  Man had to read what was in the book and think according to its ideals.
In all communistic countries, the pattern is always the same:  First the literature, then the revolution, then the oppression.  It has always been the same and the cycle continues today.  That is the power of the printed page.  For who in their right mind would want a tyrannical government to take over their land and kill 30 million of their own people?  No one, right?  But those who followed Stalin and Lenin were convinced that communism was the right system, and they fought for it.  Yet it didn't work.
Today we see communists rising their ugly heads again.  With books like "Rules for Radicals" they are once more trying to gain the college student's trust, and sway them into thinking that "fairness" would be the best policy, and "social justice" is a necessary means to level the playing field.  But they all forget one thing.  There is no communist country on the face of the earth that has ever prospered, or been made better through communism than it was before.


Finally, of all the books written in the world in the human history of man, there has never been a book like the Bible.  The has never been a book so powerful.  Although other books might be able to sway man's thinking and even his actions, no other book can or will ever be able to do what the Bible can, which is SAVE A MAN'S SOUL!

Of all the world's books, there is only one which claims to be written by GOD himself.  That is the Bible.  Albeit men wrote the Bible with their own hands, we are told in the scriptures that they did it under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God.  That is they wrote or they spoke God's words.  These words were then recorded on paper and placed into the Bible.  They are GOD'S WORDS, and not MAN'S WORDS.  No other book on earth can make this claim.
Even the Bible itself tells us that word of God is powerful in Hebrew chapter four.  There we read:

12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
13 Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

Notice this passage says the word is quick.  This is the Old English way of saying it was ALIVE!  
It is also powerful, so much so, it's likened unto a sharp sword with two edges which can not only cut through the physical, but through the spiritual as well! 
Men do not discern the Bible, rather it discerns them.  For the Bible is the only book in the world that tells man who they are, where they came from, and what to do to get to heaven.  It shows man what he is, A SINNER in need of SALVATION.
Yes, the Bible is a powerful book! What has been the fruit of the Bible?  Why we find the forming of the religion of the Jews from the Old Testament, and the beginning of Christianity from the New Testament.  How many countless millions of people have become followers of Jesus Christ through reading of the scriptures?  Many of which became godly Christians who lived good godly lives!
Can you imagine what the world would be like without the Bible?  It be just plum awful!  For people would instead be following communism, or evolution, or Islam, all religions with no LOVE, no HOPE, no LIBERTY, and no FREEDOM!  Further, men would not know what sin is, as only the Bible tells us what sin is, and how we should refrain from it.  Imagine a world in which everyone is completely given over to sin and degeneration.  Imagine men who thought little about rape, murder, theft, and practiced it on a daily basis without ever feeling sorry for it.  They'd be like ferocious animals who cared only about themselves and would attack anyone without feeling or pity.  The world would be a horrible place to live!
Yet, the word of God is what tells us what is good, what is true, what is righteous.  And in the Bible it gives us the ten commandments and tells us to refrain from those things.  By doing so, we keep society moral, and a moral society is usually a free society!
What power there is in the printed word!  It affects the way men think.  And God's word affects man's thinking for the better, while man's words affects man's thinking for the worse.
All literature affects those who read it, some for the better and some for the worse.  But you can't ever go wrong reading the powerful word of God, the KING JAMES BIBLE!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 1602 Valera Purified New Testament now Available

We now have the Valera 1602 Purified in Spanish available online via Amazon.com at a price of $16.02.  (Price is intended to honor the year of Valera's work of 1602).

It can be ordered by visiting:


We are practicing and learning how to use P.O.D. (print on demand), so we have taken the .pdf file of the Valera 1602 Purified New Testament and cut and copied it page by page to make the New Testament of this translation available, as they are hard to get today. 

Thankfully, though, more whole Bibles shall be printed soon, as the plan is to print the newest, updated version in December.  I hope we can find a way to make these available online as well.


Robert Breaker

Monday, August 22, 2011

Southern Values

Like the old saying goes, "I'm Southern by the Grace of God!"
I've always counted myself blessed to have been born in the South.  The main reason is, SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY.  The South is known world-wide as being probably the friendliest place on earth.  Why is this?
The reason is simple.  It's because it's the BIBLE BELT.  You see the South for ages has been the place where there has been more GOSPEL WITNESS than probably any place on earth.  Settlers to the South were usually true Bible Believing Christians.  If they weren't, they at least believed in and read the Bible on a daily basis.  Immigrants who came to the South were usually quickly converted, or at least learned that the SOUTHERN WAY was to go to Church on Sunday, so they went. 
In the South, people readily ask each other, "What Church do you go to?"  And, no one seems offended by this question.  (You ask that of people of up North and see what kind of response you'll get.  They'll usually get offended that you would ask them such a question!)
The plain simple truth is the Old South has been gospel saturated for hundreds of years.  And that saturation of the Bible and Bible Teaching is what lead to the SOUTHERN VALUES, or the moral living, politeness, and hospitality of the Southern folk.  In other words, the more people read and believe the Bible, the more moral, upstanding, pleasant, and kind they are, PERIOD!
I've always liked this.  I've travelled a lot.  I've been to New York City six times in my life, and I've been to 49 of the 50 states, and I'm telling you there's nothing like the South.  Dixie is the greatest place on earth!
It's hard to find those Southern Values in any other place.  Up North they just don't smile, and say, "How you doing?" or blurt out just a simple "Hi!" as you walk pass someone on the street.  No, up there they ignore one another on purpose!
The other thing about the South is how people will wave to you when you drive by them.  That just doesn't happen up North around "city-folk."  But down South you can drive for hours without seeing another human being or another car, and you are so glad you do when you see one, you can't help but lift a few fingers from off the steering wheel to wave to oncoming traffic when they get close.  That's the South!  They're so nice, they'll not only talk to you, they'll wave to you when you are passing them at 65 miles an hour!
So back to why the South is so nice and friendly.  It's because of the values of its forefathers, people who were usually religious, church-going, and God-fearing. 
I believe this is what's missing today in society and even in America.  For moral people make for good people. 
Sadly, even the once great South isn't what it used to be.  I remember even as a child (and I'm only 37 years old), that you could drive up to Winn-Dixie or Piggly Wiggly (Grocery Stores in the South), and you could leave your keys in the ignition of your car with the windows open.  (Just try that today, anywhere!  Your car will be gone before you know it!).
I also remember leaving the front door of your house unlocked.  Folks from a generation or two back used to tell me that they would do one better then that.  They'd always leave their front and back doors OPEN in order to get a breeze through the house (as that was before air conditioning).  Can you imagine doing that today?
My how times have changed!
But with the changing of times have come the changing of values.  People not only in the South but world-wide are growing even more immoral every day. It's common to hear of people getting into fist fights, gangs to engage in gun-fights, etc.  Crime is everywhere! 
And even though the South is catching up with the times, it's still not as bad as the rest of the country, or the rest of the world.  Southern Values are still in our blood, even though our youngins (a southern term) don't seem to be as dogmatic about it as we were.
To many Southern folk, fornication is still a sin.  Adultery is something that is not only not right, but something that should have the death penalty on it! 
I'll never forget the time I was speaking with an old Southern woman and she told me that she had never heard about or known about what "homosexuality" was.  She said it wasn't until she was about 75 years old that her husband explained it to her.  After he did, she just about fell off her chair, and then said, "What?  There's people that do that?  Why?  That's just plum gross!"  
Yep, we Southerners still know right from wrong.  Or at least we haven't been "edumucated" (Southern slang for educated) into accepting certain modern things that the world says we should tolerate.
Sadly, however, many of the next generation Southerners are chosing evil rather than the light.
I think the reason that the South was once so moral, in comparison to the rest of the world, is that it not only was a BIBLE Society, and the Bible breeds morality, while Evolution and higher Education breed immorality, but because the South in the most part is an agragarian society.  That is, there are many people in the South who have learned how to live off the land. 
When you plant crops, you have to pray a lot.  That is, you have to ask God to let them grow and to keep off the pestilence, hurricanes, etc.  That's your livelihood, and if you don't get to harvest that years crops, you won't have anything to sell to the market.
Compare this with the city-folk up North.  What do they do that's ever outside their control?  They usually don't have to rely on God at all.  Instead, they learn from an early age what people call "Street smarts."  In other words they learn how to fend for themselves and get what they want.  Usually, this leads to them becoming immoral in later years, as they get accostumed to getting what they want in any means necessary.
So maybe this is a strong reason why there's a difference between Northerners and Southerners. 
And if you've ever lived down South you'd know why the Southerners are so nice, friendly, and giving towards others.  It's cause they have it to give.
I've got a neighbor in Alabama that's a good example.  He plants watermelons every year.  He gets so many there is no way he can eat them all.  So he puts them in the back of his pickup and just takes them all around to the neighbors and gives them away.  (Boy are they good!)  He also gives them away at Church. 
Why does he do this?  Cause if he didn't, they'd just sit on the vine and rot.  This way he feels good, as he's helping others.  But in return, people don't forget his kindness, and often they'll stop by his house and bring him some tomaters (Southern term for Tomatoes), squash, turnip greens, etc, as they too planted more than they could eat so they decided to pass on the blessing to someone else. 
To Southerners, what God gives them really is a blessing from God.  But up North, everything a guy gets he usually brags about getting by his own means.  See the difference?  One gives God the glory, the other steals the glory for himself.  (And up North people usually are quick to get welfare, and they get used to getting something for nothing.  It's no longer a gift from one individual to another, it's an entitlement they feel like they deserve, and they get angry if they don't get it!)
Anyway, it's not just the watermelons that make me glad to be a Southerner.  It's much more.  It's my heritage.  I can say I've come from other Southerners who were nice, godly, people who loved others and gave what they could to help them out.   I've also learned a lot from others who are not only willing to pass on their blessings, but to teach me hands-on how to do things in order to prosper myself.  Their attitude isn't to look at me as a "Mark" (A Northern term for people you can try to milk for something), rather to someone they can impart knowledge to in order for me to pass it along to someone else.  And they've instilled in me the desire to teach as much as I can to others so they can do the same.
In the South it's about being self-supporting, and independent, and teaching others how to be the same.
Yep, I enjoy being a Southerner.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  I feel blessed to be who I am.
But sadly, I wish I wasn't alone.  I wish my SOUTHERN VALUES would not just be mine, and not just be regional.  I wish they would be national.  I wish they were AMERICAN VALUES.  I wish they were even more, I wish they were AMERICA'S POLITICAL VALUES.  In fact, I wish they were even more than that.  I wish they were GLOBAL VALUES!
I wish the whole world would just be cordial, hospitable, and righteous.  But I doubt that will ever happen.
So, I guess I'll just have to be content knowing I'm part of an elite group known world-wide as the "friendliest" most "hospitable" group of people on the planet.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Books Available Online

I've been going through the last couple of weeks and trying to figure out how to get my books available online and I've finally be able to do so.  I'm still working on it, but I have a bookstore now.  Anyone interested can go to the following link to see my books.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Liberty vs. Liberation


The Bible tells us much about liberty, and in almost every reference, it speaks of it as something God gives.  The first occurance of the word is found in Leviticus 25:10.  There we read: 

And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.

Notice God is speaking, and He is the one granting liberty to others through His law.  Notice also in the context of something being "hallow" or "holy."  We know God is a holy God, and it is He who grants liberty to sinful man.  That liberty is so that man to might live holy in doing what He says.  In other words, God gives man freedom to freely serve Him.  This is known as free will.  God gives man the freedom to chose between right and wrong.  But man is supposed to choose right, especially when he's been given God's law, which tells him what he's supposed to do to please God.

In Psalm. 119:45, we read of King David saying:

And I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts.

Here we find David saying he will walk at liberty, and he will seek out God's precepts.  In other words, he will follow God's law and obey, because it was God who granted him the liberty to do so.

Through many other passages in scripture, we find clearly that God is He who grants liberty, and He has given us His precepts (the Bible) for us to follow.  We then are to obey Him and do what he says.  This is our duty and is why we have been given liberty.  Liberty, or freedom, is therefore a gift from God, and is granted us for us to do right and live right, not for us to do wrong. 


The word "liberation" comes from the same root word as "liberty."  But liberation is not always a good thing.  And, interestingly enough, the word "liberation" is not in the Bible, while the word "liberty" is.

When I hear of the word "liberty," I immediately think of America, the land of the free.  We in the United States were founded as a government of freedom for all.  And, we started by our founding fathers acknowledging God as the great granter of freedom.

On the other hand, when I hear the word "liberation," I automatically think of something entirely different, as the word is mostly used today in the context of the modernistic teaching of "liberation theology."  This ideology teaches certain people are "oppressed" and they should "struggle" against their "oppressors."  But this type of teaching leaves God out entirely!  Further, it seeks bloodshed, violence, and civil unrest, rather than peace, goodwill, and Jesus' teaching of forgiveness. 

There is, then, a difference between liberty and liberation.  Biblically, God gives man liberty, not so he can do evil, but rather good.  However, man is inheritantly evil, and subject to sin.  Because of this, man must be redeemed.  But God took care of this, as Jesus Christ paid for the sins of mankind on the cross of Calvary.  Man can be "liberated" from his sins, but not by their own merit, rather only by trusting Jesus Christ's finished work.

Sadly, man has twisted this sound, Bible teaching.  Many modernist preachers today don't believe in man's right to be free.  Nor do they recieve God's liberation at Calvary as sufficient.  Instead, they believe governments should have power over men, and those governments should be active now in "liberating" certain groups, classes, races and genders of people. 

If this be the case, then where is God in their system?  He's entirely left out.  The government then becomes the "liberator" rather than God, and it makes its own laws.  Eventually, the government takes the place of God, and it's laws supercede those of the Bible.  And, instead of following God and His laws that are "just," man through "social justice" declares it's his duty (instead of God's) to right all wrongs.  And he does so through lobbying the government to forward his cause.  What is his cause?  It is simply stated, "vengance" or "punishment" towards others he feels have mistreated someone else in some way. 
Not liking the way the world is, he tries to turn the world upside down and hopes by so doing, he can give men freedom.  This then leads to him becoming his own god, who plays God in declaring himself powerful enough to grant freedom to others.  He thinks He's "the liberator" rather than God.  And by so doing, he takes away man's liberty in Christ.

The Bible warns us of those who try to take away one's liberty in Christ Jesus.  We read it in Galatians:

And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:  (Gal. 2:4)

 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.  (Gal. 5:1)

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.  (Gal. 5:13)

Here we are warned of others who try to spy out our liberty in Christ, and they seek to entangle us in a yoke of bondage, while they use their liberty for an occasion of the flesh.  Rather than loving one another, they try to "enslave" people, for you can't free one group without enslaving another.

But in the Bible, we find that these type of people are not consistent.  They don't want freedom for all, rather only freedom for some (the only ones they support), and this freedom is usually so they can sin, not so they can do right.  These liberators are not free themselves, for they have become servants of corruption, rather than servants of God.

Today we see these modern day "liberators" are really only trying to liberate themselves from God and his laws (the Bible).  They might claim to be religious, or even do-gooders, who seek only to liberate others from oppression.  But the truth is they only trying to liberate people from God and his truth.  In short, they are trying to free people from God in order to enslave them to sin and Satan. 
A few more Bible verses about liberty are as follows:

 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  (2 Cor. 3:17)

So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty.  (James 1:12)

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.  (James 1:25)

As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. (1 Pet. 2:16)

True liberty is freedom to serve God of a free conscience.  It is not freeing people from oppression, for often those who seek to "liberate" others don't do so of a pure heart, but rather with their own agenda, oftentimes enslaving those who they liberate in order to take advantage of them.

In the Bible, God gives liberty for men to do right, while liberation theology is an excuse for men to rebel against God and sin.

America used to be the land of Liberty.  But with the modern day teachings of anti-colonialism, communism, social justice, radicalism, and revolution, we find that American is now the land of Liberation.  And as it seeks to "liberate" others it is turning even farther away from God.  Progressives are leading the pack in liberation.  They don't believe in God, the Bible, or even the founding fathers.  They don't look at liberty as a way to serve God of a free conscience willingly serving him.  Instead, they believe that their job is to liberate others whom they feel are oppressed.  But what if they feel the greatest opressor is GOD?  Then they are actually trying to liberate people from the Creator, and by so doing they are turning people against God.  They are nothing more than rebels, Luciferians, who like one of their radical founders Saul Alinsky praised. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pensacola Florida the Start of the Civil War?

Recently, the news brought out the fact that we are nearing the 150th anniversary of the start of "The War of Northern Agression" (What some call the "Civil War).   And, they brought up the fact that I've heard very seldom mentioned, that the Civil War might have started in Pensacola, and not in South Carolina.

Growing up just across the bay from Pensacola, Florida, I feel privileged to be so close to such a historical place. Pensacola (once called Panzacola by the Spaniards) is the oldest city in America, being the first colony of Spain on American soil.  In fact, I was raised very close to the first Spanish Mission on American Soil over here on what is now known as Garcon Point.

The Spanish History in this area is amazing, as the Spanish sailed all throughout this area. In fact, just about three miles across the bay from where I live on Bayou Chico I believe it is (maybe it’s Bayou Texar), they discovered a 1600 century Spanish sailing ship. You can see a replica of it today at the T. T. Wentworth museum downtown.

And, if you were to go downtown, you would see a small fort on a hill which represents the battle fought there between the British and the Spanish. There is a small bust there to a man named Galvez, of whom Escambia Bay was once named. It was called “La Bahia de Santa Maria de Galvez.” I’m with you. It’s just much easier to say Escambia Bay!

The rich Spanish heritage of the Pensacola area is everywhere. But after the Americans took over Florida, that heritage quickly faded. But they are still discovering Spanish artifacts today.

Pensacola is known as “The City of Five Flags,” for the five countries that once ruled this area. They include: Spanish, French, British, American, and Confederate.

So the Pensacola area in rich in culture and diverse in its heritage.

This brings us to the Civil War. Not only does Pensacola hold claim to being the first founded colony in the new World, but it also holds claim to being the site of where the Civil War started. Many believe it started in South Carolina and Fort Sumter. But they conveniently omit what really happened down here in Pensacola several months earlier.

With the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, it’s about time we look at what really happened. Hopefully, Pensacola will receive it’s rightful honor and place in history as the site of the start of this dreadful and bloody war.