Monday, February 25, 2013

The Truth About the First American Slave

The United States of America is not perfect, and today we are clearly taught this. History records the many mistakes made by the government of this nation, one of which was the senseless slaughter of many native American Indians.  But probably the greatest "evil" in the eyes of many today is that of slavery. Many consider the practice of slavery upon blacks as the single, most deplorable thing in the history of the United States. And because of this, there has long been a long-standing condemnation of the South, and those Southerners who once owned slaves. They further have been "demonized" and scorned to the point of making them appear to "deserve" any type of reprecussions they received during and after the Civil War. So much so, that Sherman's total war policy has even been "justified" by many, claiming the South "got what it deserved" when it was burned to ashes, and then raped and empoverished by "carpet baggers" in the years thereafter during the horrid time of "Reconstruction."
For so many years this idea has permeated the minds of Americans, that they still to this day try to enact upon white people a sense of "guilt" for slavery in America. (Even though it happened over 150 years ago!) 
It's not just the South who are viewed as evil for allowing slavery, it's ALL white people, for the Northern Whites where those who wrote slavery into the Constitution and who shipped Africans to America in their own ships to sell on the market to the South. Thus, if you are white, then you should be "ashamed" in the eyes of many for what your people did in enslaving an entire race of people. 
This "slavery guilt" continues to our very day in seeking to "shame" whites into trying to make up for the past.  And in so doing, it justifies the political action of giving "special rights" and "handouts" to black people, while excluding whites.  But rather than helping heal the past, this has lead to even more racial division, in which blacks are taught to "hate whitey" or "get all you can out of the white man," while whites despise being taxed even more to "redistribute" their wealth to others.  In some cases, this racial "welfare" policy has encourageded white people to despise blacks, and want to "segregate" themselves even more from them, as racial division of black and white grows more and more in the United States of America. 
Some people thought having a black president would finally heal the racial divide, and bring people together as "Americans." They hoped it would cease people viewing others as "African Americans" vs. "White Americans."  But the opposite effect in many cases has come to fruition, as racists blacks look at the president as "their president" and racist whites look at him as the prime example of the inaptitude and incapability of blacks to lead.  (Note:  Not all people are racist.  But there are those on either side who are.  That is, there are just as many blacks who hate whites as there are whites who despise blacks.  Racism is not one-sided!  But what is one-sided is the "guilt" of trying to make whites feel bad for slavery.  Whites don't try to make blacks feel bad for anything!)
Because of this "white guilt" mentality, we've been taught that whites have no voice and shouldn't be allowed to talk about blacks, their plight, and their struggles.  We are further lead to believe that whites can never understand what they went through, and since it's all their fault then we owe black people certain special priviledges, and in some cases even compensation.  But what if the entire narrative was not the whole story?  And what if white's weren't the only slave owners, but there were black slave owners as well?
Today, I read an article by "Ben Kinchlow," a BLACK MAN, in which he gives the interesting story about who the VERY FIRST SLAVE IN AMERICA really was and WHO IT WAS WHO OWNED HIM.  The answer may surprise you.  For in the articled, entitled: "Father of U.S. slavery was a black man," we read about a court case in 1654 in which the first documented case of BLACK slavery is recorded.  And according to the article, a man named Anothony Johnson owned some slaves, (several of which were WHITE by the way), and went to court to prove that he also owned a black slave named John Casor.  But there is a twist to the story.  Mr. A. Johnson was B-L-A-C-K!  And he won the case and was awarded Mr. Casor as his own slave for life!
So, here we have a BLACK man owning another BLACK man and this is the first recorded case of slavery in what now is the United States!   
Where is the "black guilt?" It's just not there.  Either because of ignorance or willful omission, people have declined to discuss this subject.  They want so bad for whites to be the enemy, they have failed to look at the very foundations of slavery, for if they do, they would find a BLACK man as the first slave owner!
To read more about this article and to learn for yourself the truth about the first American slave, go to:
It's time to let go of the "guilt."  Blacks and whites should not be enemies.  They should not be divided.  Blacks and whites are equal under the law.  Yes, both are Sinners.  But both are also Citizens.  Special treatment should not be granted to others because of the color of their skin.  We should all be treated alike!  Let the past go! 
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